Frequently asked questions

  • What is AlloMyStar?

    AlloMyStar is a marketplace that lets the fans request personalized videos for special occasions and everyday moments from their favorite stars. Our mission is to break the ice between the fans and celebrities.

  • What are the services AlloMyStar offers?

    "Dedication: the creation of a shout out, a mention, a greeting for a user or making it in the honor of another person. Video calls: AlloMyStar is the First platform in the world that provides this exclusive service. Fans can chat with their favorite artists directly through a video call. You can check the packages given To have more information about the offer. Booking: This service facilitate the contact with celebrities that you want to book to animate your special events like weddings, birthdays, lunch parties… Artist Shop : this section will allow our users to buy derivative products related to their favorite artists such as: clothes collection signed by an artist, perfume, autographed items…. Unique pieces belonging to an artist, like an outfit worn by him/her during a music video, a piece of jewelry belonging to the artist… Those items will be auctioned on the platform. Only AlloMyStar will have the exclusivity of these pieces. Donation: This service is to help the “forgotten” artists, it will allow our users to make donations to artists facing difficulties, sick, elderly or without incomes"

  • How much does a service costs in AlloMyStar?

    In AlloMyStar the cost of the service depends on the type of service and on the star you are requesting: - For video call services, the cost is: 5mn at 100€, 15 min at 250€ and 30 min at 400€. - For dedication services, it ranges between 50€ to 480€ (it’s all up to the star to define the applicable price for a dedication). - For the booking services, each request will be dealt with separately according to the precise needs of the user.

  • How can I order a service?

    The process is too simple. First, you log in to your account or you create one if you don’t already have it. Second, you go to your favorite star and you choose the type of service you want. Third, you will have to fill the form given related to your personal information (we ensure you that your information will remain private and secure). After that, we will automatically approve your request after you pay and finally once your service is ready we will inform Via an email.

  • Can I update my order after submit it?

    Once you submit a request, it’s sent directly to the star so if you modify it, it will be considered as a new order in AlloMyStar platform.

  • How can I pay?

    All the payment gateways are available in AlloMyStar, you can pay via Credit Card (MASTER CARD, VISA...), PayPal, Stripe. Your bank details will be secure and protected.

  • Am I guaranteed that the star I selected will fulfill my request?

    While we make it our top priority that all requests are fulfilled, it is possible that your request may get declined or expired after a period of time. All stars have the possibility to accept or decline any request at their own discretion.

  • Can I download and keep my video?

    Yes. It’s super easy! Your AlloMyStar video can be downloaded via the link we email you. You receive the email with the link, you click on download the file and you’re done.

  • What is the legal age to use the platform?

    Our Service is restricted to persons over the age of 18. Once we are aware of the information of a person under the age of 18 has been collected without parental consent, we take all the necessary actions to remove the profil from our records.

  • How do I contact the AlloMyStar team?

    Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and our team will answer you as soon as possible.